The Walking Dead : Saints & Sinners - Cinematic Trailer ¦ Client: Skydance ¦ Production Company: Axis Studios


Director: Cesar Eiji Nunes

Executive Producer: Paul Schleicher

Producer: Mariana Conde

Producer: Laura McAllister

CG Supervisor: Georg-Sebastian Dressler

Art Director: Paul Canavan


M.R.I. project - teaser 1

This is a direction debut I'm developing in between jobs when I manage some free time.


Project Jager

This was a proof of concept I was happy to direct for a pitch at Passion Pictures, unfortunately client decided to go for the in game cinematic.

Alex Huguet - character modelling, texturing, sculpture disp and blend shapes.
Cesar Eiji Nunes - rendering, lighting, shader, texturing, sculpture disp and animation.
Paco Rocha - helmet modelling, texturing and shader.
Jacob Gonzalez - helmet texturing, aditional modelling and texturing.
Manoel Perez - compositing.
Jamie Franks - grooming (bear cloak).
Morgan Evans - rigging.

Ryan Amon (Elysium soundtrack), Elysium

Sound Design:
Cesar Eiji Nunes


T-Mobile Family - Pitch

I had a blast directing this pitch at Nexus Studios, I'm quite proud with what we could achieve in only 3 days.

Unfortunately the agency decided to take another path for the campaign.